To order photos this year (2021)


Each photo will have a number underneath it, like JFJ1_0070.  Use that number to order the photo.  The photos will be on-line no later than May 21.  Return your order form to the studio with payment in the envelope during the week of May 24 – 28, or at least by May 31.  Pictures will be available for pick up at the recital on June 5th.  Pictures from orders placed any later than May 31 will need to be mailed to you, and will have an additional $5 charge for mailing. 

Please place cash or a check in the order envelope when you order your pictures and turn your order in to the studio by May 31.  Please make checks payable to Trap the Light Photography


You can order as many photos as you wish in any combination.  The prices are shown below.  If you want a photo printed in a size not listed below, please call Don Claussen at 615-824-2322 or email ([email protected]) for a quote.  If you need more space for ordering, just write on the back of the order form.


  The prices are $16 for one 5x7, $19 for one 8x10, and $12 for 4 wallet sized pictures.


The photographs in the gallery have not yet been edited.  When you purchase them, we will remove blemishes, crop and straighten the pictures, etc.


To see the Jump for Joy photographs for this year of 2021.....

Click here to access the 2021 photographs


Thank you and be safe.  If any questions come up, email Don Claussen at [email protected],

or call at 615-824-2322.